When Do Beagle Puppies Calm Down?

when do beagle puppies calm down

When Do Beagle Puppies Calm Down? Top Behavior Tips!

For many years Beagle dogs have been one of the most popular dog breeds in the United States and United Kingdom.  Like all dog breeds they are hyperactive, rambunctious and have a lot of energy during their younger puppy years.  So when do beagle puppies calm down?  It can take 12-18 months before noticing a real difference in their energy levels and obedience skills.  

By the age of 2.5 to 3 years old, your young beagle will turn a corner, becoming less active and will have more appreciation for getting a good night’s sleep and plenty of naptime during the day.

About the Beagle Breed

Beagles are excellent hunting dogs while also making great family companions, they are a happy, funny, and cute breed. They were originally bred to hunt in packs, so they enjoy company and are generally easygoing. 

The American Kennel Club recognizes two common Beagle varieties: those standing under 13 inches at the shoulder, and those between 13 and 15 inches. Both varieties are sturdy, solid, and have high energy levels. They can be found in a variety of colors; black and tan, lemon, red and white, and tricolor. 

Beagle’s have big brown or hazel eyes with long, floppy ears set low on their head.  Beagles have the personality, temperament and low-maintenance perks that make them a great family pet. 

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Typical Beagle Energy Levels By Age

 2 to 4 Months (Young Puppy) – Moderately High Energy  Your new puppy is learning about this new environment and, big, bright world.  They have short attention spans and poor focus at this age.  They’ll play hard, then crash, repeating this process over and over throughout the day.  Enjoy the down time while it lasts!

4 to 12 Months (Puppy) – Very High Energy  During this life phase you’ll experience the peek energy levels.  Beagle puppies are maturing during this time, consuming a large amount of calories and are growing fast.  They have a ton of extra energy to burn and their curious developing mind is trying hard to keep up with the high energy output of their body.  This is the perfect phase of their life to recognize and try to combat any Separation Anxiety that may be developing.

12 to 24 months (Adolescent)  Moderately High Energy, Change is Near – Good news!  By about the one-year mark you may begin noticing a slight reduction in energy levels.  This is partially due to your Beagle’s mental development; no longer are they amused by the slightest movement or distractions, and they have hopefully developed several routines throughout the day. 

They still have high energy and are continuing to grow physically, but they are better able to put their energy to positive and beneficial play rather than destructive play.  A Beagle can quickly get frustrated at this age which can lead to destructive behavior or a lot of vocalizing. 

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2 to 3 Years (Teenager)  Fun High Energy.  Still a young dog, by around the age of 2 years and especially by 2.5 years old, you will notice more significant change. Both physically and mentally your Beagle is nearly an adult dog. This is a really fun age for Beagle owners, your dog will play hard, and respectfully, while still appreciating a long daytime nap. Make sure to still have plenty of toys to keep them occupied. 

You’ll notice your Beagle will copy the atmosphere of the house at this age – if people are up and about so will he or she, if people are relaxed or away from the house your Beagle will probably be snoozing away. 

3 to 5 Years (Prime Adult)  Occasional High Energy.  Adult beagles should be a happy and healthy family pet at this stage.  Their obedience will be peaking and you’ll be able to trust your Beagle to be at home alone without causing issues.  They’ll still display excitement and high energy when they’re around people they love or out back playing, but they are well equipped now to know right from wrong and when it’s time to chill out.

5+ Years (Mature Adult)  Rare High Energy. A senior Beagle has pretty much encountered everything there is to see, smell, and hear.  As these senior years go by, Beagles will enjoy their sleep, exercise and feeding routines the most.  Your Beagle may have the occasional zoomy burst, but it won’t last long. Keeping up with regular exercise and walks is important at this stage in life – exercise helps with retaining muscle mass, bone density and keeping their weight in check. 

Refer to our article on Beagle Growth and Development for an in-depth look at the different beagle life stages!

Factors That Affect When Do Beagle Puppies Calm Down

Genetics – All dogs have unique personality traits handed down by previous generations, some will have high-energy and outgoing personalities while others will be laid back and relaxed.  Depending on where you got your pup, Beagle owners are dealing with the luck of draw here.  

If you purchase your Beagle from a reputable breeder you can discuss personality traits you’re looking for with the breeder.  You many have to wait for a certain breeding pair to produce the offspring you desire, but as they say – good things come to those who wait.

Training – One of the most impactful factors in calming your Beagle is utilizing training and obedience classes.  Although their energy levels may not change, with proper training and positive reinforcement they will be better equipped to focus their energy in positive ways. 

Maintaining a consistent training routine during the younger puppy years will pay dividends over the life of your family pet. A strong bond will develop between Beagle and the owner during these training experiences, and you will be happy to share your home with a respectful and obedient Beagle.

Environment – Your Beagle, especially during the younger years, will be a product of their genetics and their environment.  They are absorbing new information and experiences continually as they develop.  If they’re around other dogs that exhibit bad behavior then they are more likely to adopt these habits as well.  

Remember, Beagles are pack animals so they love to be in a social environment.  They are active dogs that will try to mimic the behaviors of their peers.  

Whenever possible try to keep their environment positive and relaxed, but also mentally stimulating – always use positive reinforcement, introduce them to new people, get plenty of exercise and establish a daily routine for best results. 

Health – Contrary to popular belief, spaying or neutering your pup will have only minimal effect on your dog’s energy levels.  For a short time after the procedure, during recovery, your Beagle will be more lethargic and fond of sleeping – but that won’t last.  In a few short days after surgery they’ll be back to their normal rambunctious self.  

Spaying or neutering will reduce hormone levels and therefore minimize any aggressive or rowdy behavior associated with a female beagle going into heat or a male beagle looking for a breeding partner.

Top Tips for How Do I Get My Beagle Puppy Calm Down

when do beagle puppies calm down

1) Exercise – Perhaps the best way to help your Beagle calm down is ensuring they get enough exercise.  A hyperactive Beagle will want nothing more than to run, fetch and play for hours…so why not let him? 

Finding time for walks or play can be challenging, but it will go a long way to help your pup calm down at the end of the day while also creating a healthy routine for both you and your hyper Beagle. If you have a dog park close by, use it. Beagles are a social dog breed, they’ll thrive from the interaction with other dogs and you as dog owners will get a chance to interact with other pet parents.

2) Crate Training – If done correctly, crate training can help create a positive environment for your Beagle.  They’ll view their crate as a den or home within a home.  However, if crate training isn’t working, don’t continue to force the issue.  

The Beagle breed does not like confinement and isolation.  This can cause high stress and frustration, leading to acting out and using their high energy in a negative way.  A better solution may be to use a single room within your house or a gated area where they have more room to roam.

3) Challenge Them – Sometimes going for a walk just isn’t enough.  Set up obstacles in the backyard; tunnels, ramps, and hoops to jump through.  With some training, they’ll quickly get the hang of it and have their very own obstacle course.  

How about taking them for a run?  If you’re able, start with short, slower jogs then ramp up the distance and pace as their running experience grows.  Or, try setting up a play date.  If a friend or neighbor has a dog, set aside a time for the two to interact and play for a while. They’ll feed off of each other’s vibes and quickly burn off their excess energy.

4) Work With Their Natural Instincts. Beagles were bred to excel in a hunting environment utilizing their keen sense of smell to track and push out prey.  If you have a decent-sized yard or access to a large public space, purchase a 30′ to 50′ lead and give your Beagle the freedom to run and utilize their natural instinct.  

Taking them off the lead is not recommended, once they find a scent their high prey drive and stubbornness will kick in and it may be challenging to keep them nearby.  

If you have a large parcel or use your Beagles for hunting, get out and let them run.  They will have the time of their lives and later on crash for hours!

Another fun challenge is to set up a scent game.  This especially works well if you have access to a large confined area.  You can set up a scent line with a commercially purchased prey scent, then add a reward at the end of the scent line and encourage their hard work with positive reinforcement.

5) The Right Dog Toys – Try them all until you find one that your pup really likes.  They’ll develop a favorite and turn to it as a safety blanket.  The right toy will encourage physical activity and playtime and provide mental stimulation.  

As the human companion, you may need to initiate play with toys sometimes, but once you do they’ll almost certainly be engaged for awhile.  

We like to have several varieties of toys available to our Beagle; chew toys, plush squeaky toys, Kongs with food and knotted rope toys are some of our favorites.

6) Training and Obedience Class – Discussed earlier as a factor that can affect when your dog calms, training and obedience classes provide a quadruple benefit.  They are activities that provide physical and mental exercise, significantly strengthen the bond between pet and owner, and develop knowledge of basic commands and obedience that are priceless to the long term health and enjoyment of your pet.  

Classes are also a great way to get plenty of human and canine social interaction.  We highly encourage taking the time to get your best friend enrolled in training classes, even if just for a few sessions.  The benefits are extraordinary.

What's Next?

As Beagle owners it’s important to understand the specific life stages of your pup and recognize their energy levels and tendencies.  Patience is key!  There will be rough patches along the way, but the time will go much quicker than you expect and you’ll develop a lifelong companion and great family pet along the way.

There are many tips and tricks you can incorporate into your daily routine to encourage positive use of their high energy levels, perhaps the easiest and most effective is to get them PLENTY of exercise.  A well-exercised Beagle, is a tired Beagle, is a good Beagle!

With one of our recommended beagle harnesses, you can enjoy walks with your Beagle!  I promise you won’t regret owning a quality harness for your beagle!

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