Do Beagles Shed A Lot?

do beagles shed a lot

Do Beagles Shed A Lot? - BEST PRACTICES Discussed!

Do Beagles Shed A Lot?

Beagles are moderate shedding dogs and literally shed every day of the year.  With all dog breeds that shed, it is important to brush your beagle regularly to control the shedding as much as possible.  Fortunately, beagles are medium to small in size so the amount of dog hair you’ll find laying around your home will be far less than some larger breeds.

Beagles are considered to be double-coated.  This means they have a layer of dense, soft fur near the skin – called the undercoat.  They also have a second layer of fur on the outside which is courser hair and has some water-repellant characteristics.

The hair that is shed from your beagle will be from both coats of fur.  The undercoat fur has a tendency to stay trapped within the coat; however, in time much of it will find it’s way to your floors unless it is brushed out.

Beagles DO NOT require haircuts under normal circumstances!

Are Beagles Hypoallergenic?

Since beagles do shed their fur, they cannot be considered a hypoallergenic breed.  Beagles are rather easy to groom though.  Their easy going temperament, short compact coat, and relative small size make grooming, brushing, and bathing quite quick and easy.

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Why is My Beagle Shedding Like Crazy?

Beagles shed throughout the year; however, you will notice that in both the spring and fall months your beagle will shed more.  This is a biological process that evolved many years ago as a means for beagles drop excess hair for the warmer months and regrow and replace fur ahead of the colder months.  So, do beagles shed a lot?  Yeah, they sure do during the heavy shedding events that happen twice a year!

Even if you live in a climate that is warm for most of the year your beagle will still shed more in the spring and fall months.  Similar to a tree dropping it’s leaves, the amount of daylight hours dictates biologically when these more intense shedding events take place.

How Do I Stop My Beagle From Shedding So Much?

Grooming your beagle is an easy process.  The best way to control shedding is to consistently brush your beagle using high-quality grooming tools.  Whether its a wire bristle brush, plastic bristle brush or a silicone grooming mitt, brushing every 2-3 days will go a long way to keeping excess hair out of the house.  Brushing will collect the dead hair while also aiding in conditioning the skin so it will retain the healthy hairs longer.

Most beagles love to be brushed!  They’ll lean in as if they’re getting a deep tissue massage at a fancy beagle spa.  My beagle certainly does!

Although beagles do shed, I find it to be rather nice that I don’t have to cut their hair or bring them to a professional groomer to get a haircut every couple of months.  

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Give Your Beagle a Bath to Control Shedding

Bathing your beagle will also remove a significant amount of dead and excess hair.  Over-bathing can have detrimental effects on the your pup’s hair and dry out and irritate their skin.  So only give them a bath when they’re dirty or stinky – don’t use the bathtub solely as a means control shedding.

Beagles are naturally a fairly clean breed.  Their short hair does a good job of repelling dirt, grass clippings, bugs and mud.  The mess they cause in the house will primarily be from shedding…hopefully!  The inevitable muddy paws, sloppy drinking and occasional potty mess will never go away!

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do beagles shed a lot

Other Measures to Control Shedding in Beagles

Healthy Diet For Beagles

Proper nutrition and a balanced diet is essential for your beagle’s coat and skin health.  A high-quality diet will be rich in vitamins, nutrients, protein and proper fats – this essential diet will help keep your beagle’s skin and coat hydrated.  Dog foods with low-quality fillers will have the opposite effect, dry and irritated skin will lead to more dead hairs and an increase in scratching. 

Fish Oil Supplements for Beagles

There are many pet supplements on the market, claiming to aid and prevent different ailments.  Omega 3 Fish Oil Supplements designed for dog use are an easy way to introduce high-quality fats into your beagle’s diet.  The fish oils will help with itching and dry skin in addition to being great for joint health.

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What's Next?

It wouldn’t be an overstatement to say beagles may be the perfect breed when it comes to shedding and grooming!  Beagles are low-maintenance breed and only moderate shedders, no haircuts required, small-ish in size, relatively clean, with short and compact coats and best of all they’re the cutest breed out there!

In all seriousness, beagles are moderate shedders which can be controlled to some degree by maintaining a high-quality and healthy diet for your beagle and also installing good and consistent grooming habits.  

So you’re going to get a beagle, the decision has been made.  Should you get a male or female beagle?  We’ll help you decide!

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