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beagle male vs female

Beagle Male Vs Female - Which One is Best for You?

Beagles are definitely one of the most popular dogs in the United States and around the world. Both male dogs and female beagles have a fun personality and friendly demeanor around family members and other pets. 

There are several important considerations when deciding which beagle gender you’d like to bring home.  For example, males are independent minded, laid back, and tend to bark more, but females are more playful, require a bit more attention, and can be prone to mood swings.

When deciding between a male and female Beagle, it’s important to consider your expectations for barking and personality tendencies. 

For example, a male Beagle is more ideal for people who are away from home often, don’t mind a louder dog, and don’t need a constant playmate. On the other hand, female beagles are great for families that want a loyal companion or a playful dog and don’t mind a little moodiness.

Whether you pick a male beagle or a female dog, you can’t go wrong with either.  Their cute floppy ears, gentle demeanor and playful nature make them the perfect family member!

Beagle Male vs Female Quick Summary

Here’s a brief summary of 8 key considerations when choosing between a male and female beagle.  You can read more about each consideration further down the page, or click the link within each topic summary!

Males – Typically 14″ to 16″ at the shoulder

Females – Typically 13″ to 15″ at the shoulder

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Males – 25 to 35 pounds

Females – 20 to 30 pounds

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Male – Usually slightly lower initial purchase price than a female beagle

Female – Usually slightly higher initial purchase price than a male beagle

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Males – Laid-back, lazier and more predictable even-keeled behavior

Females – Playful, outgoing with more drive to play for longer periods of time

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Male – More stubborn and difficult to train

Female – More open-minded and easier to train

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Similar between both genders, except for the reproductive organs.

Males – Can be prone to testicular cancer if not neutered

Females – Can be prone to cancers of the reproductive organs if not spayed

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Males – High energy, but less so than female beagles.  Males love to play and maintain a more even keeled mood

Females – Very playful and full of energy with occasional mood swings

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Males – Unbelievably adorable – off the charts cuteness!!

Females – Unbelievably adorable – unbeatable cuteness!!

It’s a tie!  You can’t go wrong with either.

Physical Characteristics and Differences

Beagle Size and Weight

Beagles are small to medium-sized dogs, which typically weigh between 20 and 35 pounds and with different sizes generally standing 13 to 15 inches tall at the shoulder.  There are also smaller sized beagles, often referred to as pocket beagles or mini-beagles, that stand less than 13 inches tall at the shoulder.

Female beagles tend to be slightly smaller in stature, ranging from 13″ to 15″ in height at the shoulder and typically weighing 20 to 30 pounds.  While a male beagle’s adult height is often 14″ to 16″ and they weigh 25 to 35 pounds.  Of course, this all depends on the genetics and family history of your beagle’s parents and past generations.

Physical Features of Male and Female Beagles

Aside from the obvious, genitalia, it can be difficult to distinguish a male and female beagle based on their physical looks alone.  One clue, and this is common for many dog breeds and other species, is the male dogs will often be a bit bulkier with larger and boxier heads.  

Male beagles will also often display a wider stature and deeper chest.  Whereas, the female counterparts will tend to be more streamlined and also slightly smaller.

Temperament and Behavior of Beagles

Temperament is influenced by various factors, with genetics being most influential.  However, male vs female beagles have distinguishable personality traits that often appear in each gender.

Beagle Personality Traits and Temperament

Female beagles love attention and love to be around their beagle owners.  They love to snuggle and lay around your lap after playtime.  Female beagles are highly affectionate and make a great companion dog.  

One downfall to this is higher rates of separation anxiety in beagles.  Female beagles are more likely to be uneasy and stressed when left alone, separation anxiety is real and can be addressed properly once identified.

Male beagles show more independence, yet they still love to cuddle and have your attention. Males are more likely to leave a social situation and curl up for a nap than a beagle and males will display more stubbornness.  When neutered, a male beagle’s behavior will be more predictable and consistent.  

Beagle Energy Levels

Especially as puppies, beagles have very high energy levels.  As your beagle ages, it is a good idea to get them on a consistent walking or exercise routine.  Beagles are prone to obesity so the best way to combat this is through daily exercise.  Dog parks, play dates, walking or playing fetch are some of the best things you can do for your dog’s overall health and well-being.

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I’ve found that both male and female beagles love to play hard and take long recovery naps due to their active lifestyle.  Females will play longer and stay engaged, while males will play for awhile then get distracted or lose interest.  Regardless, beagles are a high-energy breed and one of the most important things to their health is getting them plenty of exercise!

Territorial Behavior in Beagles

Both male and female beagles are definitely territorial.  However, there is a real difference between being territorial and being aggressive.  

Beagles are loyal to their owners and protective of their home.  They are known to be vocal and keen observers.  Often times their territorial nature will be displayed as growling, howling or barking to alert those present of something or someone different that the normal.  

Although territorial, it is uncommon to find an aggressive beagle that attacks, fights and bites others.  Beagles that are alert and defending their property will do so at a small distance and make as much noise as possible.  For this reason, beagles make excellent watch dogs – but due to their small size they may not be the right dog for a watch dog.

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Training and Socialization for Beagles

Beagle Trainability

Male Beagles are known to be very intelligent and quick learners.  Males can be easily distracted by their nose or surroundings, which can make training a bit more difficult. Regardless of gender, if you try training a beagle puppy, you will likely notice very quickly that it has trouble staying focused on the training topic.

When your male beagle grows up, he will learn how to concentrate much more since the entirety of the world around him is no longer brand new.  At this point, your male beagle will likely respond to training better.  With all training, it is beneficial to have toys or treats available and provide plenty of positive reinforcement.

Female Beagles tend to be easier to train than male beagles, partially due to their more open-minded nature. Females can concentrate for longer periods of time and reach a level of maturity quicker than males.

When your female beagle is a puppy, she will be easier to train than a male. Although she will still need treats and motivation to stay focused, you will be able to keep your female beagle’s attention for longer than a male beagle.

If your beagle will be a hunting dog, both males and females have been bred for centuries to impart strong hunting instincts.  It is my belief that male beagles make a better hunting dog. They have a more stubborn and get-after-it kind of personality, along with a tendency to be louder and more vocal.

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Beagle Obedience and Intelligence

Both male and female beagles have keen hunting instincts and are generally an intelligent breed of dogs. They pick up on gestures quickly and are observant, especially when food is involved.  Some confuse a beagle’s stubbornness for being stupid.  Don’t make this error, beagles are intelligent dogs, with a high prey drive and an affectionate nature.

Maturity usually comes later to male beagles, while female beagles leave puppyhood behind first. As a result, girl beagles are comparatively easier to train.

Whether you’re training a male beagle or a female beagle, always have plenty of small dog treats and positive reinforcement on hand to encourage learning.

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Health and Reproductive Considerations in Beagles

All beagles are prone to obesity, epilepsy, cherry eye, hip dysplasia, and back problems such as intervertebral disc disease.  Regular veterinary checkups are encouraged to keep your beagle happy and avoid health problems.  A high-quality balanced diet and plenty of exercise are essential to keeping your pup in top condition and maintaining a healthy weight. 

There are some health conditions to watch out for, that are specific to each gender of beagles.

beagle male vs female

Common Health Concerns for a Male Beagle

Male beagles are more prone to both testicular cancer and prostate disorders if they are not neutered.  Neutering male dogs removes their testicles and therefore the risk of testicular cancer is no longer present.  

Of course, there are multiple reasons for having your boy pup neutered and all pros/cons should be thoroughly considered given your own particular situation.  

However, a neutered male beagle is generally less aggressive and dominant, less likely to chase after other female dogs in heat, less prone to attacks from other intact and dominance-seeking male dogs, and they are also less likely to exhibit those awkward sexual behaviors that we giggle about and then have to try to explain to your preschooler. 

Common Health Concerns for a Female Beagle

The primary health conditions that females are prone are mammary cancer and ovarian cancer. If you have gotten your female beagle spayed, the ovaries are removed and the risk of ovarian cancer is no longer present.  Mammary cancers are also greatly reduced in female beagles that have been spayed prior to 6 months of age.  

Spaying and Neutering Beagles

A female beagle will reach sexual maturity around 6 months of age while a male beagle can reach sexual maturity as early as 5 months of age.  Don’t confuse sexual maturity with mental or physical maturity – male beagles hang onto their puppyhood traits and mentality a little longer than females do.

Unless you plan to breed your beagle or have them as a show dog, most veterinarians recommend having them spayed or neutered – also known as getting them “fixed”.  It is important to discuss spaying or neutering with your veterinarian at an early age, since there is an ideal timeframe for when this surgery should occur to make sure your beagle puppies are fully developed but also not so late in life that they become more susceptible to some health issues.

Take a deep dive into Sexual Maturity in Puppies from the American Kennel Club.

What's Next?

Both male and female beagles make great family pets, you really can’t go wrong with either; however, one gender may be more ideal for you and your home.

Consider getting a male beagle if you are away from home more often, want a more predictable pet, and want a dog that is a little more independent minded. Families with young children will love these qualities in the male beagle. Most beagles will be vocal, but male beagles are usually a little louder – so be prepared for this.

In contrast, consider getting a female beagle if you want a fun-loving and more active dog to help keep your children entertained. While still excellent pets, females are often bit moodier, and young kids should be taught how to play with them as a result.  We’ve always owned female beagles, not one particular reason why, we’ve just had good luck with females!

Regardless of gender, please make sure to choose one of the many ethical breeders that are available around the country. Even a small amount of homework will help you find the responsible breeders that treat their dogs with respect and provide high-quality care. 

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