Are Beagles Loud?

do beagles bark a lot

Beagles are an adorable, small to medium-sized breed of dog that are very popular in the United States and worldwide.

They known for their keen sense of smell and good-natured temperament. However, many pet owners wonder whether or not beagles are loud or overly noisy.  So lets answer the question – Are Beagles Loud?

We’ll explore the vocal characteristics of beagles, including the 3 main “barks” you can expect to hear as a beagle owner and what they mean.

Are Beagles Loud?

The beagle breed has gained a reputation for barking a lot and being excessively loud.  However, we feel this reputation has been unfairly overstated.  Beagles talk, bark, bay and howl, sometimes in a loud fashion and sometimes in the most heart-warming and endearing way.  

You’re beagle’s individual personality will dictate their own level of chatter.  I know this firsthand, my two beagles have been distinctly different when it comes to their tendency to bark.

Beagles were initially bred, centuries ago, to follow the scent of various small animals – rabbits, hares, and raccoons – usually for the purpose of hunting these animals.  Beagles have large, floppy ears that are used to help guide the scent from the ground to their strong noses.  

Beagles thrive in packs, they have warm personalities that desire companionship, whether from their packmates or from their human owner.  A brief history of the beagle breed.

Beagles developed their vocalizations long ago, before they looked anything like a beagle.  These vocalizations were, and still are, the foundation for their communication with fellow beagles.  Years of breeding the beagles that showed the most promise as hunters has resulted in a breed that excels in the sport of rabbit and small game hunting.  

A beagle’s instinct is to seek out the source of the animal scent while simultaneously letting its packmates, and hunter, know what’s going on (via barking, baying, and/or howling).  These instincts have successfully transitioned over to even your housebound family pet beagle.

Are Beagles Loud? The Truth!

The truth is beagles are likely slightly above average when it comes to noise generation.  They were bred to alert their peers, human or dog, about what they have encountered.  Beagles can be stubborn and require patience when training, especially when trying to stop them from barking a lot.

If you are concerned about the noise level of your potential pet, its best to thoroughly discuss this with a reputable breeder.  Breeders will know the lineage and personalities of the beagle puppy’s parents.  

The breeder should have a good idea about which breeding pair is more likely to have quiet offspring – or the best hunters, if that’s what you seek.   Like humans, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.  Genetics and lineage play a major role in your beagle’s personality and noise level.

are beagles loud

How to Stop Beagle Barking

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The single easiest way to prevent your beagle from barking excessively is by making sure they get PLENTY of exercise.  A tired beagle is a happy beagle.  A tired beagle will be more concerned about snoozing the afternoon away than canvassing the backyard for rabbits or staring out the front window heckling walkers.

Of course, we all know consistent exercise can be hard to accomplish during certain times of the year.  If your beagle is getting too vocal for your liking, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  1. Try to ignore the commotion.  Move your dog to a different room, or to it’s crate.  When the barking has stopped, reward him with a treat. 
  2. Keep a positive attitude.  Your beagle will be more likely to listen and learn when you stay positive and calm.
  3. Don’t yell or shout.  A beagle can interpret this yelling and shouting as ordinary communication.  Don’t turn it into a shouting match that your beagle is trying to keep up with.  Instead, speak calmly and remove your beagle from the situation that is creating the tension and noise.
  4. Professional trainer.  An experienced dog trainer can work with your beagle to reduce their barking while also developing hand signals and commands that you can use to show the dog that everything is okay and it’s time to settle down.
  5. Bark collars.  Can’t say I’m a fan of this method, but it needs to be discussed.  Use bark collars as a last resort or if you live in a place that is very negative towards barking dogs (apartments, condos, etc).  If you rely on this method, please read and understand the product instructions.  A bark collar with a vibrate-only setting, as opposed to shocking, would be a good comprise – and still effective.

Do Beagle Dogs Bark a Lot?

3 Beagle Vocalizations to Know

Beagles will make a variety of sounds and noises that have distinctly different meanings.  The more time you spend with your pet the more you’ll realize the nuances of each vocalization.  Check out the videos below, with audio on, for a great representation of the three common beagle barks.

#1 - Basic Beagle Bark

The standard beagle bark will feature short, sharp barks often times with a quick bay sprinkled in for good measure.  Your beagle will use their bark when alerting owners of a visitor, a ring at the door bell or when playtime starts to get a little rambunctious.

#2 - The Beagle Bay

The beagle bay is probably the most aggressive vocalization.  The bay is common when your beagle is actively smelling or seeing a rabbit, small animal or another dog.  They will also use the bay around new people they aren’t familiar with or in situations they feel are threatening.

#3 - The Beagle Howl

The beagle howl is a longer, sustained, and gentler version of the bay.  Beagle’s will often use the howl when they are lonely, bored or frustrated.  Also expect the howl when your beagle buddy greets you after being away for a couple days or more.  It’s nice to know that they’ve missed you!

What's Next?

Are beagles loud?  Well, I suppose a beagle’s loudness and noisiness are relative; however, their three common vocalizations can be both piercing and adorable at the same time.  Beagles were initially bred as a hunting hound, trained to bay or howl with excitement when they come upon the scent they’re seeking.  

Will your beagle be a house pet or a hunting buddy?  The answer to that question may help you find a breeder that specializes in certain characteristics you’re seeking in your beagle – including how vocal he or she may be!  Ask several breeders, they should have a great understanding of the unique personality traits their breeding males and females exhibit.

Just remember that no two beagles are alike – I’ve owned a beagle that wouldn’t utter a peep, just a simple and humble groan when excited or on alert.  At the same time, I’ve cared for plenty of beagles that are quick to bark, bay and howl at the smallest disturbance in the house or the slightest whiff of a dog treat.

I may be partial, but I’d definitely recommend getting a beagle if you’re trying to decide if they make good family pets, even for first time dog owners!

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