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Zen Beagle is dedicated to the fun-loving, super cute, kid friendly, slightly noisy beagle dog breed!  Simply put – WE LOVE BEAGLES!  Check out all of your beagle articles, we’ve spent an extraordinary amount of time researching, raising, and caring for our own beagles – and, we’re happy to pass that knowledge on to our supportive and devote readers.  Please join our Zen Beagle Club so you never miss a new and informative article.

The inspiration behind Zen Beagle is definitely two of our favorite beagles – CeeCee and Janny – you can read more about them below.  We love chatting with our readers, seeing photos of their pups, and writing about new beagle topics!  Please feel free to reach out with any questions, we’ll get back to you faster than you can entice your beagle to bay!

William Vander

ZenBeagle.com Owner and Lead Writer

Hi, I'm Will

My wife and I have owned beagles for over 20 years.  We both grew up with various other dog breeds – Labradors, German Shepards, a small poodle-type thing, and a Cocker Spaniel.  We both knew we wanted our first dog to be on the small side, incredibly loyal, good with children and down right hilarious.  

Talking with friends and doing our own research we found BEAGLES.  They check all the boxes for us, although no dog breed is perfect, we feel like the beagle is perfectly suited to be a part of our family! Have a look below at the two beagles we’ve been fortunate enough to raise and call friends – CeeCee and Janny – they never knew each other but their personalities and traits are so similar!

CeeCee (RIP)

CeeCee was the only “child” in her litter.  Needless to say she was spoiled from day 1.  We picked her out from an outstanding beagle breeder in rural Minnesota.  I have yet to see another dog breeder with so much care and compassion for their pets.  CeeCee was a gentle soul, an absolute ideal companion to our young daughters at the time.  CeeCee lived to 14 years of age, lived a very healthy and full life.  We miss her dearly, but we now have another beagle to focus our attention on – read about Janny below!

You’re sure to see photos of CeeCee sprinkled throughout our website.  She will forever be my wife and I’s first dog and will be the fun-loving pup my children remember most when they think about their childhood pets.

CeeCee with her little (human) sister

The Queen Beagle


The Chief Beagle Officer of the household


Janny is a 15″ tri-colored pure-bred beagle.  Although she looks distinctly different her personality is very similar to CeeCee’s.  We made the very lengthy drive back to rural Minnesota to pick out Janny from the same breeder we got CeeCee from.  Once again, the most fantastic beagle breeder on the planet in my book!

Janny came home with us as a very young puppy, during the peak of the work-from-home revolution in 2020.  She has had a constant human presence in her life, nearly 24 hours a day.  And, once again, we have a crazy spoiled dog on our hands…but she deserves it.  Like CeeCee, she has established herself as a fan-favorite with my daughters.  They light up and then quickly melt when they wake up each morning to greet Janny.

We’re lucky to have Janny in our lives!  You’ll also see plenty of pictures of Janny throughout Zen Beagle.  She’s by my side on a daily basis, often times sleeping, her presence provides constant inspiration to create valuable and insightful content for our readers.

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